How to Learn New Skills During the COVID-19 Pandemic with GleamDream?

People are struggling during the lockdowns impacting them wherever they live around the world at the moment. We all need to observe best practice and stay at home to stop the spread of the virus and, while this is emotionally and physically difficult for many it is a great opportunity to use this time for new knowledge, to find new friends worldwide and to stay connected online. 

At GleamDream, we have decided to repurpose our home services platform to be a platform for volunteers with the objective of helping people find help and offer help. We are hoping to do this for everyone from everywhere in the world, Mutual Aid Worldwide.

Who can use this platform?

While the rules of lockdown vary depending on where you live, in many countries people do have permission to go out for exercise (local to them), to for essential reasons such as food shopping and for medicine shopping and also to work in critical positions. If you are able to help your more needy neighbors you need just to register on our platform – may be someone nearby needs food or non-prescription medications, or even to pick up a prescription with permission? Maybe you can help them with sending a letter or parcel (maybe even a food parcel) to friends and relatives.  

If only on person from 2-3 households goes out it is better than everyone going. Make sure to follow safety rules at the bottom of this page and follow government guidelines such as leaving the order at the doorstep, wearing gloves and maintaining social distance.


If you are a local business, for example a baker shop or cafe

You can make deliveries to your neighborhoods during this difficult time, let  people can enjoy the fresh bread they like the most or cakes or sandwiches. 

Farm shops

Set up a box for delivery your fresh fruit and veg, meats and other products.  Put together ‘ration boxes’ or an assortment of essentials for your local customers.

Fitness or Yoga instructor

Work online with people – find people on our platform and exercise together online with adults or kids.

Music, Language or Art teacher, or you have a hobby and would like to share your hobbies

Register on GleamDream platform, find people who would like to learn cooking or play the piano. Turn on FaceTime or Skype or any other online videoconference service and start a conversation with your new friend. 

Lots of people decided to explore new things, but they do not have money right now to be able to afford it – many of them may no longer be working or have concerns about future stable income. Now it is the time to support and encourage them. Who knows, may be your lessons and online cooking/baking sessions will help your new friend to change their profession or to find a new passion.

We shall appreciate your reviews and some words about your experience. Good luck!

Kate Gould

Author Since: March 30, 2020

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